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On a Budget Installations

Commtexx  Limited can now offer our customers a
Budget Installation Service (BIS)

This service is based on the following criteria:

1, The TV assembly can be attached to a solid or a dry wall.
2, The cables to the TV will be connected to the TV only, prior to hanging.
3, It will be the customers responsibility to connect all of their components.
4, It is the customers responsibility to tune their TV.
5, No bracket or cables will be supplied (Only wall fixings)

The above are a strict criteria to provide a service to our customers whom have requested

a Wall Hang of their TV only. This install in most cases takes approximately 2-3 Hours.

The costs for this type of install start at £79.00*

For further information please contact us on 0844 357 6003 and mention the (BIS) Install

You may also book your install through the internal booking system located (Here)

This type of install does not require a survey.

*Subject to conditions