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Company History

COMMTEXX  LTD   was borne from the heavy demands of an everchanging home entertainment technical market. Having seen the speed at which   tv systems have developed over recent years and continue to develop, there was a great demand for expertise, not just to   "plug in a   tv", but to utilize the best equipment on the market to suit your needs, and in turn enhance and optimize   your serious   investment in your home.

Prices for tv equipment can range from low end, to well, just about as much as you want to spend. We sincerely pride ourselves here at COMMTEXX  LTD  that we give you the right technical advice and we endevour to provide our customers with the best products to do the job, not just for your main tv but also on what is available to enhance your overall home entertainment experience.

COMMTEXX  LTD only uses the best in wall mounts and brackets (Chief and IC ©), all manufactured to a professional standard. The audio-video cables are of the same pro standard (Vivanco and Monster ©). We do not use anything less in our installs.

COMMTEXX  LTD provide highly cost effective solutions to all install requirements, should it be the wall mounting of a 50in plasma with full (Dolby 5.1 surround sound ©) or a smaller home installation of a 23in with a separate dvd player. We will design and implement to your specifications.

As with any service we provide there are costs involved, with COMMTEXX  LTD you can be assured you a getting a cost effective package installed by the very best teams, whom will take care of you, your investment and your home while any work is undertaken.

COMMTEXX  Commercial   can also design and develop training facilities, from overhead projectors or wall mounted LCD screens to complete audio video experiences in your the training room. We have a solution to all screen and audio requirements. Commercial customers will have a project manager dedicated to your site while work is undertaken. You, the customer have control of your design and install. Provide us with the outline, let us enhance it.

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