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What do I get in an install?
A basic install will consist of your new LCD / Plasma, a stand ( if you bought one ) and a VCR or DVD / DVD-R being tuned in to all available digital* channels
How long will it take to set up my equipment?
Anything from 30 minutes for a straight forward TV tune in, up to 3 or 4 hours for a major install.
Can I choose my own equipment
Of course you can. It is better that way. After all you know what you want. We are here to advise and recommend. You our valued customer will always have the final decision on your equipment and design.
What if I do not know what kind of TV I should get?
Not a problem, for a small consultation fee we can visit you at your home and give you professional advice and recommendations.
Will I be able to trust your installers in my home?
Most definitely, our staff have been in the industry for some years and all have a proven track record. We also insist that due to our business being centered around us being in your home, all of our employees supply us with a CRB report ( Criminal Records Bureau ). All COMMTEXX UK employee's carry a certified ID badge .
Can I leave someone at the house on my behalf, or do I have to be there personally
As long as we have access to your property and everything that has to be done has been agreed before hand we will just get on with it, but we will need someone there when we have finished to sign for the work we have done.
I will be at work when you come but my son is on holiday from school, can you still do the work?
No, if the only occupant at the property is below the age of 16 years we will not even enter your house, as anyone below the age of 18 is not classed as a responsible adult, therefore we would insist that someone 18 yrs plus is at the property.
When you have finished the work what do I do with all the empty boxes and packaging from the TV?
Absolutely nothing. Because there will not be any. We will take it away with us. The only things we will leave behind are instruction booklets, guarantee cards and satisfied customers.
You have to chisel plaster from my wall, will you arrange for it to be repaired or will I have to do it myself?
Any minor plastering to cover our work will be done by us; however, wallpapering or painting will be down to you the customer.
What happens if, 3 weeks down the line, after the work has been done something goes wrong with my TV?
Give us a call and we will visit your home and assess the problem. If it is one in regard to the installation we will remedy it, free of charge. (Unless that is, it is a problem caused by mis-use).
What if my TV does not work properly?
Unfortunately we (Commtexx) do not directly guarantee your TV and or DVD/VIDEO equipment which is supplied to us. All guarantee’s are provided by the statutory manufacturers warranty.
A year after I have had all this work done I decide to change my set up, will I have to pay for it all again?
Only if you change everything completely, if it is just a TV change then we can arrange a TV tune in package at a reduced fee for your repeat business.
Frequently Asked Questions
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