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Introduction To Home Theater

Creating a Home Theater has become one of the hottest topics in home improvement. But unlike other home improvement projects, a home theater is an investment in personal entertainment.

The average home theater system will go with a person if they move and therefore won't add any resale value to the home. Unless of course you have your LCD or Plasma wall mounted which may then add value to your home.

Creating a home theater is not a simple task. In fact, if you are planning an elaborate system you should contact us whom are home theater specialists whom can help choose and install the system that's right for you.

Whether you are tackling a home theater project yourself or hiring a pro, it is vital to know about the different elements of home theater before investing any money.

The Evolution of Home Theater

When most people think about "watching" a movie they think of the visual image. But what really differentiates a home theater from a big screen television is the audio.

This doesn't mean the picture isn't important, only that image and sound come together in home theater to create a richer experience.

The concept of a better theater experience grew from Star Wars director George Lucas' desire for a better film sound track. Using Dolby Laboratories sound technology, Lucasfilm accomplished that goal then turned to making the "ideal" theater environment using a technology called THX® (mentioned later).

Lucas then began the notion of reproducing theater-quality sound in the home. The main obstacle he faced was that movie sound tracks were mixed for the spaciousness of a cinema. Therefore, something had to be able to convert cinema sound to the smaller home theater environment.

Basic Home Theater Components

The very basic elements necessary to create a home theater are a 37" or larger television, a movie playing device, speakers, and a surround sound capable stereo receiver.

A general rule in home theater is that you get what you pay for. It is possible to put together a lower-end home theater system from scratch for under £2000. But there are some upgrades that are worth the extra money. A basic system can be upgraded by going with a larger television, DVD player, six quality speakers, and a Dolby Pro Logic® or Dolby Digital® receiver.