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Home Theater Speaker Placement

We know it can be a little difficult to figure out where to put your home theater speakers, and we are always glad to help you via email at or on the telephone on
0844 357 6003.  You can even email or fax us a rough diagram of your room or house and we will suggest some placement alternatives.  We would be remiss, however, if we did not show you the "ideal" placements in the diagrams below.  Rest assured, though, that many other placement options exist and sound great.  We deal with TVs in the corner, walls of glass, cathedral ceilings, open floor plans and other challenges all of the time. 

More importantly, our speakers are designed to overcome most placement issues and are the best choice for situations where you cannot put them in the ideal location or ideal height.  The design of our speakers allows for a very broad dispersion pattern and a very big "sweet spot" for listening.  These are not the type of speakers where you will sit down, listen, move the speakers a quarter inch, listen again, and repeat that exercise over and over until just right.  You will put our speakers on a shelf, on a wall, on the ceiling or wherever necessary and smile. 

We have wall mounts that will work for almost any situation and a choice of table and floor stands as well.  Many of our mounts are very close to invisible, and our stands are striking in design.  So, there should be a good solution for any speaker placement situation.  And again, we are available on the phone or via email to assist you with any questions you might have.  Here is the "ideal" chart and a few guidelines:
Surround Speaker Placement

Surround speaker placement is less critical than front placement.  For 5.1, your "rear" speakers are supposed to be more like side speakers, placed a little behind the listening position and 2 to 3 feet above ear level when seated (60 to 72 inches).  The speakers can be lower or higher as well.  It is fine to put them on the ceiling.  In any of these situations, they would fire across the room, at the opposite wall.  It is also fine to put them behind the listening position firing forward, where the "back surrounds" would go in the 7.1 diagram above. 

For 6.1 and 7.1 systems, you install the left and right surrounds just like you would for 5.1 surround sound.  Then, you add 1 or 2 rear speakers that go behind the listening position.  The side speakers fire across the room at the opposite side wall, and the back speakers can fire forward or can be aimed to fire more indirectly.

Home Theater Speaker Placement Guarantee

We guarantee that we can find the best locations for your home theater speakers.  Please send an email to or give us a call at
0844 357 6003.  We are a very easy going, customer-friendly company and have plenty of time to assist you with this.  We can also work with your builders and contractors directly, if you prefer.
Front Speaker Placement

Your front speakers should go as close to ear level when seated as possible (that's 36-48 inches, generally).  For many people, the front speakers will go next to the TV and the center channel will go above or below the TV.  it's OK if they have to go higher.  It is suggested that you keep each of the front speakers at about the same height so that sound does not travel up and down as it travels across the room from left to right.

As far as spacing is concerned, the left and right speakers should be 5 to 11 feet apart, depending on room size and how far you are away from the speakers.  You might want to have the left and right speakers a couple of feet from the side of the TV.  Generally, you want to put the left and right speakers within a 30 to 60 degree angle from the center of the listening position.  In other words, put the left and right front speakers a little outside each end of the listening area, if possible.  If you have to put the speakers closer together or farther apart, our speaker design will work in your favor and you will still have very good results.