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As the price of Wall mounted Lcd or plasma TV's depends on multiple factors we find it impossible to put a static price on a standard  install as we feel there is no such thing as a set standard.  To avoid limiting customers choices, the following has now been adopted as standard practice by Commtexx  Ltd

All wall mounted TV packages are now dependant on a site / home survey. This is normally provided free of charge. **
Your project costing will then be worked out with you to ensure you know in great detail what you are getting for your money.

Commtexx UK only uses the highest quality cables and mounts in our installs,you can be assured that you will get the most up to date installation package at a optimum cost . Click Here.
All installation work done by Commtexx's install teams is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of completion and dated customer satisfaction sign over.

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** Free home surveys are provided within 50 Miles of our central base in Cannock, Staffordshire.( Click Here) Customers outside of this range will be charged at a rate of .35p per mile. This charge will be
refunded on final invoice should Commtexx be commissioned to take on the project. This is a minimal amount to cover travel and administration costs.

As a guide line you may adopt the following. Please understand this price structure is for info only, any quotation is and must be based on a full site survey, with a few exceptions. Please also note that these prices include all mounting brackets and cables to complete your install.

      Unit Size                             Bracket Type (Included)       Cost

1.   Small under cupboard mount                     Fold under                     £   69.60      

2.   Small Lcd or Plasma 13" - 23"                   Tilt/Swivel                      £ 128.99

3.  Medium 24" - 30"                                       Flat Mounted                 £ 125.99

4.  Medium 24" - 30"                                       Tilt/Swivel                      £ 140.84
5.  Medium/Large 32" - 40"                              Flat Mounted                 £ 159.32

6.  Medium/Large 32" - 40"                              Tilt/Swivel                      £ 174.56

7.  Large 42" -  50"                                          Flat Mounted                 £ 210.78

8.  Large 42" -  50"                                          Tilt.Swivel                      £ 320.22

9. Large 52" and above                                     Flat Mounted                 £ 358.34

10. Large 52" and above                                   Tilt Mounted                  £ 379.98

11. Extra Large 65" and above                           Flat Mounted              
£ Call        

0844 357 6003 (POA) Specialized installation. Please see notes.

12. Extra Large 65" and above                           Tilt Mounted                
£ Call        

0844 357 6003 (POA) Specialized installation. Please see notes.

13. Extra Large 65" and above                           Swing arm mounted      
£ Call        

0844 357 6003 (POA) Specialized installation. Please see notes.

Hidden Cables option                                 Approx cost                  £ 104.67 

Please note that the prices above INCLUDES your wall mount bracket and your basic cables up to 3 meters from the source.

Please remember these are basic guide line prices only. The majority of installations done by Commtexx  Ltd work out to be substantially cheaper, of course this is dependant on your survey final results. These prices should be treated as a ball park figure.

The following for our customers information. Please

All of our 65" and above installs are as you will be aware, classified as specialized installations. Therefore costs may well be substantially higher than the average installation. As most TV's of this size weigh in excess of 80Kg, security and safety for the operator is paramount. We would only recommend a professional installation for products of this size and weight, Please call for detailed advice or book your survey (Here )

You may also select to have your 5.1 or the new DTS ES Matrix 6.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound kit installed at the same time. Prices for this service also vary, but once again for guidance,  please adopt the following:

1.  Attach speakers to the wall at optimum locations.

2.  Build/connect and position speaker stands where required.

3.  Connect system to your wall mounted Lcd/Plasma.

4.  Speaker connecting cables will be surface mounted, but positioned as discreetly as possible.

Costs for the above Surround Sound install £ 45.00

If you have chosen the
Hidden Cables option with your Lcd/Plasma install we could also extend the same Hidden Cables service to your Surround Sound setup for an additional cost of £ 87.34

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Should you wish to book your survey please do so here. Should you wish to contact us for further information on wall mounted installs, you may do so from here.

We may also be contacted by e-mail on or talk to one of our trained customer service representatives on 0844 357 6003.