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What if I would like it Wall Mounted?                   

Should you want your set mounted onto the wall, firstly, we will send one of our engineers to meet you at your property, at a time convenient to yourselves to carry out a complete site survey, which will include measuring for the location of your unit, highlighting the ideal height, checking to ascertain the type of interior wall which you have i.e.: brick, dry lined or studded partition (as this dictates to us what brackets and fixing's to use.)

You will then be consulted, on what you would like done with your cables (visible or hidden). There are various options, we could simply run the cables along skirting boards or walls, use conduit to conceal them from view or ultimately they can be hidden beneath your plaster work. This would be down to the customer to decide, and would be agreed during the survey stage.

If the totally hidden in the wall procedure is chosen then rest assured our teams would endeavor to cause as little damage to your interior décor as practically possible. However please bare in mind that it is inevitable that   following this type of install there may well be a small amount of cosmetic redecoration required for which   the customer would be responsible for.

We will, before leaving, ensure that the whole work area is free from any debris and has been vacuumed.

* Where available

** Must be an existing service
What we will do :                                  

Once you have decided on your choice of equipment for your TV or home entertainment system,we can then make a start on the planning.

By Taking measurements of your room we will let you know the optimum positioning for your set up, taking into account the screen size of your LCD/Plasma and recommend the ideal viewing position.

Once this is established we will begin by setting up your chosen stand (if included), followed by the placement of your LCD/Plasma display along with any other equipment you may wish to have connected. We will then connect everything together using the best quality cables and leads which are suited to your set up.

All Analogue and Digital freeview ©* channels will be found, selected and stored, your VCR or DVD-R will also be tuned to your TV.At this stage any Cable or Satellite receiver** boxes will be reconnected. If possible your VCR/DVD-R will be tuned into a channel your are familiar with i.e.: channel 6 = VCR ect. Once installation is complete our installation teams will be only too happy to take time to expertly demonstrate to you, just how it all works.

When you are happy and only then, will our teams tidy the cables and insure that your equipment is placed in the optimum position.
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